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Vietnam Classic Tours
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We are so exciting to design the series of CLASSIC TOURS for travelers who desire to take Vietnam trip as their first taste to this beautiful country. Most of the amazing places from the bustle and hustle of Ho Chi Minh City and the evergreen world of Mekong Delta in the South to the World Heritage Region, Hoi An, My Son, Hue, Phong Nha Ke Bang, in the Central part then onto the charm and elegant Ha Noi Capital, the majestic scenery of Ha Long in the North are all included for you to discover. These CLASSIC TOURS are also designed carefully concerning to duration of the trip so that these can be suitable for each traveler’s schedule. Whether you have one week, 10 days, 15 days, 16 days or up to 3 weeks for your holidays, they can find the perfect itinerary in the category. It is just a simple click on the following CLASSIC TOURS, we are sure that you will have a wonderful trip to Vietnam.